Teresa Pelliccio Art

As a child, pretending and creating were daily quests.
A desire to design has always resided deep inside my
soul but it wasn't until after my three daughters were
grown that my creative urges reemerged into my

Interior decorating, architecture, color, shape, textiles

and texture have always captivated me. Since moving
to the artist mecca that is Eureka Springs, I have
delved deeper into my creative passion. I develop
forms based on personal associations and merge
elements of spirituality, intuition and rebellion with
femininity, whimsy and impulse.

Favorite subjects are flying dreams, women's

empowerment, spiritual & the metaphysical and
whimsical still-life. I love painting with palette knives,
spatulas, my fingers and anything else that
catches my attention.

I practice living in the NOW and I am deeply

inspired by Eckhart Tolle's teachings.

Works on Canvas

  1. Abigail's Rose Gardens
    Abigail's Rose Gardens
  2. Evening Cuddles
    Evening Cuddles
  3. Pink Telephone
    Pink Telephone
  4. Croquet
  5. The Moment She Realized Her Guardian Angel Was Her
    The Moment She Realized Her Guardian Angel Was Her
  6. Vintage Vinyl 2
    Vintage Vinyl 2
  7. California Poppies
    California Poppies
  8. Gwyneth
  9. Still, Small Voices Guides Destiny
    Still, Small Voices Guides Destiny
  10. Blue Vase
    Blue Vase
  11. Stillness, Presence
    Stillness, Presence
  12. December Romance
    December Romance
  13. Drawn to the Light
    Drawn to the Light
  14. love is love
    love is love
  15. Call 'em Happy
    Call 'em Happy
  16. Little Green Cars
    Little Green Cars
  17. Dreamland
  18. Returning
  19. Boundless
  20. Guardian Angels
    Guardian Angels
  21. Meadow
  22. The Power of Love
    The Power of Love
  23. Chakras
  24. "Are You There"
    "Are You There"
  25. Love Letter
    Love Letter
  26. Cherry Blossoms
    Cherry Blossoms

Works on Barnwood

  1. Hydrangeas
  2. Strawberries and Stripes
    Strawberries and Stripes
  3. Snowflake Pyrex Bowls
    Snowflake Pyrex Bowls
  4. Dainty
  5. Pay Attention to Your Life
    Pay Attention to Your Life
  6. DIALogue
  7. Escape
  8. Afterparty | Hollywood & Vine Series
    Afterparty | Hollywood & Vine Series
  9. Retro Kitchen 3
    Retro Kitchen 3
  10. Kill Your Television
    Kill Your Television
  11. Find Meaning in Small Things
    Find Meaning in Small Things
  12. You Are Truth
    You Are Truth
  13. Abigail's Rose Gardens
    Abigail's Rose Gardens
  14. Say Yes
    Say Yes
  15. Write Your Own Story
    Write Your Own Story
  16. Retro Kitchen 1
    Retro Kitchen 1

Intention Bowls
Papier-Mâché + Mixed Media
Place on your bedside table, altar or place of prayer.
Write down your hopes, dreams and wishes and drop them in.
Mirrors inside join you in reflecting them out into the universe.
Trust. Believe.

Intention Bowls

  1. Presence
  2. Presence
  3. Imagine
  4. Imagine
  5. Live Your Truth
    Live Your Truth
  6. Live Your Truth
    Live Your Truth

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